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Costa Rica - Las Lajas

Costa Rica - Las Lajas

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Our newest limited edition coffee. 

Region: Central Valley

Farm: Las Lajas

Process: Black Diamond Natural 

Cupping Score: 88 

Notes:  Mellow toffee, cooked fruit and graham flavors with a smooth mouthfeel.

What makes this process different from all the rest, is the intentional curing process.  It is still a Natural process, but the drying period takes between 15 to 22 days.  The process is very similar to their other Natural processes: starts with the rigorous harvesting standards, sorting and it's let to dry the superficial humidity for one day on raised beds. Then the beans are moved from the raised beds to the drying patio.

The drying process takes more attention than the rest of their Naturals.  Since it’s a slow drying process, they need to constantly check on the temperature and movement of the beans so they don’t get heated.  What they’re aiming for with this process is slow dehydration, slower than usual, not allowing the temperature to rise abruptly, and everything under control measures.  Oscar explained that the concept comes from the process of drying coffee seeds for nursery, slowly drying them without compromising the embryo; a passive drying process. 

 With this process, they don’t want to harm the beans with high temperatures rather than allow the sugars of the mucilage to cold crystalize.  They look to obtain a sweeter, more clear, and bright coffees with the Diamond process.

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