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Colombia - Women Producers

Colombia - Women Producers

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Farm: Women ASMUCAFE
Process: Washed
Variety: Castillo, Colombia
Elevation: 1400-2000 MASL
Region: Cauca
Country: Colombia
Harvest May-August

Notes; Caramel, toffee, and mellow fresh apple flavors. Tangy tartaric acidity and clean fruit-like sweetness.

This special bean from Colombia is produced by a group of women who’s mission is to improve their families quality of life through coffee farming, and to contribute to their community by working together and sharing resources, knowledge and support.

Choose which grind you would prefer and away you go. 

Whole beans - grinder needed

Medium ground - ideal for aeropress, v60 and French press

Coarse ground - ideal for French press/cafetiere and cold brew.

Fine ground - ideal for an espresso machine and moka pot.

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