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Tanzania - AA Ichesa

Tanzania - AA Ichesa

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Balanced, mellow, sweet, and creamy with almond, red grape, and caramel flavors.

Farm Ichesa
Process Washed
Variety Blue Mountain, Bourbon, Kilimanjaro, and Luwiro
Elevation 1600 MASL
Region Ichesa, Ivugula, Shomola, and Mlowo villages
Country Tanzania
Harvest South Tanzania: May–September, North Tanzania: July–November



Ichesa AMCOS coffee processing unit was built in 2012 and currently serves about 179 producers in the surrounding villages, each of whom own1 hectare of land or less, on average. There are several varieties grown in the area, including Bourbon derivatives. The producers deliver their cherry to the station, where it is processed using a Penagos depulper, and the coffee is immediately graded in washing channels before being fermented for 10–12 hours underwater. Drying takes about 9–14 days on average.

This ACMOSCPU supports local smallholders by offering shade trees and soil inputs to improve farm health and coffee quality. Ichesaalso seeks to build a new warehouse for local storage, which will also improve quality and coffee stability.


Microlots from Tanzania are traceable to the washing station level and are selected basis their cup quality. Due to the small average farm size, many producers (especially in the South) are members of AMCOS, Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies, which share centralized cherry delivery and processing stations. The coffees at these receiving points are blended together and sorted before being separated by quality, and microlot selections represent the highest-scoring lots differentiated from the larger day lots.

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