Our Florida Trip - Part Two

Sorry for the delay in posting this, I know most of you have been itching to find out what we got up to on the next stage of our trip. This post will be shorter I promise. There also won't be any mention of Disney or Harry Potter (Unfortunately).

I'll cover some of the highlights from our couple of days in Fort Lauderdale, and our three nights in Miami. Enjoy.

Fort Lauderdale

Bella organised all of our accomodation and she did an amazing job. I would recommend any of you to bring her along on your holidays. Anyways, our hotel in Fort Lauderdale was right on the beach and a short walk to a number of bars and restaurants.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach

To be honest, after all the excitement of Orlando we were looking forward to relaxing, so we didn't do much in Fort Lauderdale except for eat and drink. One of the highlights was having dinner in this very cool mexican restaurant "Roccos Tacos", where our guacamole was made right there in front of us. After the meal we ventured into a few of the popular late bars downtown, one in particular, called American Social where Daniel channelled his inner Hip Hop side. 

Our second day very much consisted of relaxing on the beach and drinking the giant cocktails like the two Justin is drinking below:


That night, Daniel, Bella and I headed out for a few drinks while Justin and Georgia stayed in the hotel so Justin could have has back waxed in preparation for South Beach, Miami, Our next Stop. Watch with caution:


With Justin's newly waxed back we headed onto Miami, only a short drive from Fort Lauderdale. Instead of going through what we did day by day, I'll go over my highlights from Miami.

South Beach was where we spent the majority of our time in Miami. The beach was pretty amazing, white sand and clear water. It's also a people watcher's paradise. We weren't exactly popular on the beach due to Justin and I kicking a ball around often hitting the serious sun tanners (Georgia and Bella). Our hotel was situated in downtown Miami so it was necessary to get taxis to and from the hotel to South beach, which cost on average $30 and took about 25 minutes depending on traffic. 

Wilson (on South Beach)

Wilson (on South Beach)

Our first night in Miami we experienced the famous 'Mango's Tropical Cafe'. Although it was a Tuesday night the place was jam packed with a variety of people, and also had a Michael Jackson tribute act dancing on a bar/stage. We dropped a small fortune in that bar, four jaeger bombs set us back around $100, in high spirits we all thought nothing of this at the time.  It was a different story when we saw the receipts the following morning.  

With half our holiday money blown, we decided to rent bikes for the day. This ended up being one of the best things we did on the whole trip. Watch the video for a quick highlight (accompanied by Jamie xx's Rest is Noise):

The last highlight of Miami was the Miami Heat Basketball game we attended at the American Airlines Arena. Tickets cost around $30 for the higher tier and were definitely worth it. Miami won the game 99-95.

During the first Quarter time show we witnessed something that should have received much more media attention than it did. In conjunction with Epic hotels, five audience members were randomly picked to partake in a competition to win two nights at the hotel. Each were given a room key and a huge door was placed into the middle of the court. The five lucky people lined up and one by one tried to open the door, with one of them holding the key that would open the door and therefore win the prize. The women who was fourth in line stepped up to the door and tried her room key, the light went green, she opened the door and stepped through. However, as she stepped through, the door slowly started to fall and came crashing down on top of her hitting her in the head in the process. Cue eruptions from the crowd, including us who found it extremely funny. Luckily the women wasn't seriously hurt.

So that's it for part two. I must admit that although we all enjoyed Miami, we agreed that two days would have been more than enough, just a little tip for any of you thinking of visiting there. Part three will be on the way soon.

Thanks for reading,