Our family run business is lead by our very own "Mr Bean" Justin, who has worked as a head barista for a number of years in Dingle and Dublin.

All of us at Bean in Dingle are hoping to provide our customers with a new and exciting coffee experience where they can come in to taste our amazing coffee in a very chilled out environment.  

Our aim is to be Dingle's answer to excellent coffee. 


In 2018, we aim to open Dingle's first coffee Roastery.


If you are interested in joining our ever growing team then drop your cv in, or send it onto info@beanindingle.com.

We currently looking to fill a ‘Front of House’ position within our coffee shop. Apply below.


Justin Burgess
Partner, Barista, Roaster

"Loves Heineken as much as coffee"

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 14.19.27.png

Katie Waldron
Head Roaster, Barista

"The smily one"

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 15.11.26.png

Ella Ashe
Barista, Front of House

"The Hipster one"


Matthew S. Ó Grifín
Barista, Front of House

"Loves Lispole"


Alan Burgess
The Baker, Food Prep, Utility Man

"The Dad"


Pádraig Ó hAiniféin
Front Of House, Runner, Busser, Dishwasher

"Future President" 


Luke Burgess
Partner, Barista, Roaster

"Harry Potter Fanatic"


Georgia Burgess
Barista, Supervisor

"The Boss"


Elouise Flannery
Barista, Front of House

"The Artist"


Aisling Ní Chonchúir
Front of House

"Love Island Fanatic"


Robert O' Sullivan
Front Of House, Runner, Busser, Dishwasher

"Also found pulling pints of coffee stout"