Currently we have two local bakeries providing us with freshly baked cakes and pastries delivered into our shop every morning.  

Bluirini Blasta

A local bakery run by Michelle 0' Sullivan. They provide us with delicious sausage rolls that have become very popular with our customers as well as the 'Fuel Muffin' which gives you a great boost at any point of the day. These two are mainstays but we also get another type of muffin like an apple & sultana or a peanut & chocolate. 

Bácús Bakery

Another local bakery based in Cloghane run by Orla Gowen. Bácús provide us with the very popular Cinnamon rolls and the amazing chocolate Brioche which always sell out fast. We also get a range of other cakes from Bácús including a chocolate fudge muffin, peach & almond tart, and a chocolate & walnut brownie.