About us

Coffee is our passion. Our family run business is lead by our very own "Mr Bean" Justin, who has worked as a head barista for a number of years in Dingle and Dublin.

All of us at Bean in Dingle are hoping to provide our customers with a new and exciting coffee experience where they can come in to taste our amazing coffee in a very chilled out environment.  

Our aim is to be Dingle's answer to excellent coffee. We have selected our own coffee blend from Badger & Dodo to give you the finest taste experience. 

 Justin {right} and Brock {Badger and Dodo} 

Justin {right} and Brock {Badger and Dodo} 

Badger & Dodo

Brock and his team at Badger &Dodo have supplied us with their finest single estate coffee beans.  Our blend consists of the following three beans; Brazil Ipanema (100% Yellow Bourbon) - Pulped Natural, Guatemala San Juan (Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai) - Washed and patio dried, and the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G1 Keble Aricha (Heirloom Ethiopian) - Fully Washed. 

We are confident that the blend of these three beans will provide our customers with a sweet and decadent espresso.

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